Choosing and adjusting your wheelchair
After a car accident at 21which left him paraplegic, Robert Benoit discovered all the practical difficulties facing wheelchair users in their daily lives.
Confronted by the many constraints and convinced that technology, used well, could markedly improve the lives of disabled people, he used his studies in engineering to come up with new solutions to these problems.
He built these first innovative systems for himself primarily but also to suit the real needs of wheelchair users for which no technical solutions existed
A designer at heart, he has several new projects on the go for the years to come.

In 1994 using the experience he had gained and wishing to share his systems with other wheelchair users, Robert Benoit created his company ‘Benoit Systemes’.

He began with the Light Active, the first power pack, and the Kitcool, the portable, attachable recliner.

In order to meet the needs of even more wheelchair users, he widened the range by creating the Light Drive (joystick control) and the Light Assist (attendant control). The Benoit range now offers a power pack suitable for virtually every manual wheelchair user.

Over the years Robert Benoit and his team have perfected the detachable systems to make them even lighter, more simple to use and more reliable. They continue to progress towards adapting the systems to suit an even wider range of users.

Since 2005, Benoit Systemes continues to grow rapidly and the annual turnover increases each year. The company now exports to Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Today, as well as running the company, Robert Benoit and his team continue a busy program of research and development into new products designed to improve the lives of wheelchair users.

The Team

Benoit Systemes is a small company with just under a dozen employees. The team is made up of mostly long serving members who have been involved in the development of the products and of the company as a whole.

We have acquired an experience and know-how over the course of the years which we put to good use. We are proud of our customer satisfaction records.

We have recently recruited several new team members in order to meet the increased demands due to our development both here in France and abroad.