Choosing and adjusting your wheelchair
I often use my Kitcool that I acquired 12 years ago to rest or to read in a comfortable position. During the summer my friends are in deck chairs by the pool and I join them in my Kitcool. It is good to be able to share these moments.
Guy S, paraplegic.

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Tube available in red, black or blue
Weight: 3.7kg
Length folded: 58 cm
Machine washable cushion
3 years guarantee


The Kitcool is the fruit of many years of thought and fine tuning. All the adjustments possible are extremely precise, this means you can adapt the Kitcool to your own morphology and to whichever chair you wish to use it with. In spite of its simple design, the 3 adjustments provide a perfectly ergonomic position.


Easy to use: it will fit any chair with handles at the rear. Get into position instantly, either by doing a ‘wheelie’ or with the help of an attendant.

Ergonomic: 3 key adjustments allow you to find the perfect position.
Transport /movement: folding, lightweight and slim lined, it travels easily by car and plane. You can still move freely with it attached.

Health: prevents and helps heal pressure sores, improves your circulation, relax the muscles of your back and shoulders, eases your breathing and helps with difficulties swallowing.

Wellbeing: helps you rest and relax as you can change position as easily as an able bodied person changes chair.

Safety: extremely stable, reliable and well made. Use it to learn to do ‘wheelies’ with no risk of falling backwards.