Choosing and adjusting your wheelchair
Even in Savoie, a mountainous region, thanks to the Light Assist, we don’t think twice about going out. In winter and in summer we go to the lake or out to a restaurant. Because I’m no longer tired from the physical strain of having to push my brother, I’m more there for him. We really have a good laugh together!
The L brothers,
carer and quadriplegic.

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Suitable wheelchairs: almost all
from 25cm seat width
Speed: adjustable
between 0-10km/h (0-6mph)
Climb: 20% (12°) for someone
of 70kg (11 stone)
Controller: twisting handle


> Standard version
Weight: 6.7kg (14.77 lb) / Power: 2x12vx100w


> Lead battery 10Ah
Weight: 8.5kg (18.7 lb) / Charging time: 10h
Autonomy: 7 to 9km (5m)
> NiMH 8,5Ah
Weight: 3kg (6.6 lb) / Charging time: 4h
Autonomy: 6 to 8km (4.35m)
> NiMH 13,5Ah
Weight: 6kg (13.2 lb) / Charging time: 7h
Autonomy: 10 to 15km (7.7m)

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With the Light Assist, pushing a wheelchair no longer relies on the attendant’s strength. The elongated handles make pavements and other obstacles easier to get over. By simply increasing the power and by pushing down on the handles, even quite high pavements are less of a challenge.

As the Light Assist is so lightweight, compact and easy to attach you need not think twice about going out or even putting it into the car and going further afield. A walk in the country, up a hill or a trip to the library along a gravel path is no problem as the Light Assist can cope with most kinds of terrain.

Installed in about 20 seconds, the speed is controlled with a twisting accelerator handle mounted on one of the rear handles. Safety is improved as the Light Assist holds the chair back when going downhill.