Choosing and adjusting your wheelchair


Claude B, quadriplegic

Thanks to my Light Drive, I’ve rediscovered my independence of movement. This has allowed me to go back to work.

Annick D, congenital myotonia

Since having my power pack I feel less disabled. Not only can I get around more easily, but people look at me in a different way; intrigued by the pack, they ask me about it. My disability is no longer the centre of attention!


Guy P, paraplegic

Thanks to my Light Active, I often go for strolls with my wife and grandchildren. We take a picnic and go to the local park or out into the countryside. I really relish these times as I don’t have to tire myself physically.


The L brothers, carer and quadriplegic

Even in Savoie, a mountainous region, thanks to the Light Assist, we don’t think twice about going out. In winter and in summer we go to the lake or out to a restaurant. Because I’m no longer tired from the physical strain of having to push my brother, I’m more there for him. We really have a good laugh together!


Guy S, paraplegic

I often use my Kitcool that I acquired 12 years ago to rest or to read in a comfortable position. During the summer my friends are in deck chairs by the pool and I join them in my Kitcool. It is good to be able to share these moments.