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Benoit Systemes is expanding in Billy-lès- Chanceaux

Benoit Systemes is launching a large-scale project at Billy-les-Chanceaux in the Côte d'Or (21).

For more than 25 years, Benoit Systemes has been o ffering innovating produc ts serving wheelchair users’ mobility and autonomy, such as power add - ons for wheelchairs.

Since its creation in 1994, B enoit Systemes is located at the heart of Côte d’Or in Burgundy, less than an hour from Dijon, more pr ecisely in a small village called Billy - Lès - Chanceaux , in which t he Seine meanders through, just a few ki lometers away from its source . A bucolic environment which Benoit Systemes’ team wish es to keep : it is now part of the history of the company

27 years in Billy - lès - Chanceaux and we’re not done yet! Benoit Houzel, director of Benoit Syst e mes, has decided to invest in the locality, to rev i ta lize and develop its territory . He has launched a massive project for renovating and expanding the workshop and offices of Benoit Systemes. N ew premises completely revamped for the whole team !

Let’s wait for a bit more than a year t o discover the result! With a doubled surface of an additional 700 sqm and a n investment of EUR 1,5 mil, we have no doubt that this new building will be equal to the expansion of our company.

Until its completion, you can follow the progress of building works on ilovebilly.benoitsystemes.com. This website will regularly be updated with photos, videos from a drone and news related to this topic.

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