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They talk about their Light Drive


User from July 2018


For the past 5 years, she has been using the Light Drive on a daily basis to get to her favorite activities without asking for help from her husband, who used to help her with every move.

Claudette recommends everyone to take the plunge and invest in the Light Drive that changed her life !


User from June 2022


Afflicted with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, this little boy tested our child-friendly power addon under the advice and expertise of his mother, who works at Benoit Systemes.

💬 Before, long walks were impossible for Jules who walks very little and we had to use the pushchair. Tomorrow, the Light Drive Mini will make it much easier for him to get around and be closer to his friends ! 💬 confides his mother.

The practical side also seduced the whole family to facilitate daily activities.

💬 We will be able to take him everywhere without having to have an adapted vehicle. 💬

Jules will be able to familiarise himself with the product and take full advantage of the return of fine weather.


User from November 2022


Benoit Systemes is proud to support 𝘼𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙤𝙣 𝙇𝙚𝙫𝙞𝙣𝙚, a recognized Canadian paralympic athlete in the discipline.

User of the Light Drive 2.1 for a few months now, she uses it on a daily basis and appreciates the advantages it offers her for practicing the Boccia: freedom of movement, switching from manual to electric mode without removing the power addon, easily removable, clutched position that keeps the wheels in place.

« The Light Drive is the best solution for practicing Boccia because it does not widen my wheelchair, which avoids bumping my hand on the wheel and is more precise when throwing. Having good stability is a must in this sport. In engaged position, the Light Drive allows me to keep my wheelchair still, without using the brakes, when throwing. »


Light Drive user

This is Antoine , loyal user of Light Drive for 4 years

There was a long way to go !To convince this little boy of the benefit to Light Drive in improving in his daily life, a meeting shall have arranged with the founder of Benoit Systèmes, Robert Benoit, who took him under his wing. “They got on well. Robert lent him a wheelchair equipped with a power add-on for him to try out, which convince him to have one. Antoine even did his final internship at Benoit Systèmes’ company”said his mother.

Since Antoine relives: he becomes more independent and he can now be a teenager. “Before using Light Drive, he couldn’t go to school alone, because the routes of our village go up and down! I’ve always remembered the 1st time we went to shopping mall with Light Drive. Antoine did some shopping with his brother on his own; it was really fantastic!”

Light Drive will allow Antoine to have more confidence too: And that’spriceless for Benoit Systèmes team !


Light Drive user

I travelled a lot with light drive

This is my 2nd Light Drive. The previous one had 8 or 9 years old. I’ve recently changed my wheelchair, so I’ve decided to replace my power add-on! My new one is red. The previous one is still working well! I am still using it to avoid damaging the new one.

What convinced me at that time ( and still today!), it is the ease to use Light Drive : easy to put and remove the power add-on on the wheelchair, easy to transport…I travelled to many places with Light Drive, by plane or by train. I went to Tunisia; Venice (on the boats on the canal, yes, yes !). I’ve slipped the power add-on in my sport bag and let’s go !


Light Drive user


It’s been 11 years since I’ve regained my freedom thanks to the Light Drive; there is no lack of maneuverability nor reliability, it’s my best friend. I’ve been able to transport my wheelchair in any type of vehicle without any problem. Once the wheelchair fell because of some wrong moves on the pavement edge, and the motor didn’t even flinch. I would also like to thank Benoit Systemes’ team, both administrative and technical, for their amazing reliability.


Light Drive user


LIGHT DRIVE let me regain my freedom and independence … it really does go anywhere, nothing stops it: stony paths, grass, even steep ascents and descents, and it’s effortless! It even manages the pavements in town: first class! What a comfort it is to go for a stroll without having to struggle with one’s wheels, to be able to chat with one’s friends in peace, … getting about becomes natural!

Franck V.

Light Drive user


I worked for several months away on business in Poitiers, for three days a week. That business trip was made possible thanks to Benoit Systemes’ Light Drive. Its adaptability (by disengaging the motor) enabled me to board trains even when the lift wasn’t working. I had the battery and the motor taken off, the manual wheelchair folded, and everything was loaded on the train by the railway staff. Upon arrival, they unloaded the whole thing and reinstalled the power pack in less than five minutes, and I was then able to complete my journey on my own. Due to the good battery life, I did not have to carry the charger with me for my other journeys. That’s a major convenience! However today it would not be the case, since the charger became much less bulky now.


Light Drive user


My Light Drive helps me, all year round, to go shopping with my wife, to stroll through shopping centres and, on fine days, to wander around jumble sales, car boot sales and markets. Since I’ve had my Light Drive, I’m more self-sufficient. I no longer have to have somebody with me all the time.

Laurence B.

Light Drive user

I have been Light Drive user since one and a half month. I’m satisfied. It’s very maneuverable, it’s not bulky, it’s easy to remove and transport in a car.

Estelle Titouan’s mother

Light Drive user

It’s been several weeks now that Titouan has got Light Drive power unit on his wheelchair, and it has completely changed his behavior, in a good way…
We noticed that he’s getting more and more independent, he takes initiative, and that is a victory for us!
In particular at school, he can now pass the thresholds between the playground and the canteen and that’s enough for making him proud… He can go anywhere he wants in the playground without any assistance; when I see him he’s so happy, he feels more free and less shy in front of his friends because he has less difficulties and he doesn’t need to ask for help… On our way home, he doesn’t control all the parameters yet, but he will get to know them over time.
All that to say that Titouan has changed since he received this [Light Drive] powered wheelchair; although before he didn’t even want to hear about it at all…

They talk about their Light Assist


Light Assist user

Mathieu and his parents have bought a Light Assist 2 years ago. Their goal ? Being able to go on holidays and go out with their son more peacefully. “We must adapt as Mathieu grows up. When he turned 30 years old, we’ve felt the need for a power assisted device to relieve us during our walks. Living next to the sea allows us to have wonderful walks!” Getting some fresh air for 2 or 3 hours is very usual for this family! Today, Light Assist becomes a must for them: “this is easy to fit and remove, no restrictions on its use and it requires very little effort!”


Light Assist user

Since we have had Light Assist, we have been enjoying taking walks together and going out with friends. It has become a must since my husband has had the hip surgery.

They talk about their MOBILI KIT


Mobili Kit user

Her mother testifies

Sylvie used a walker to move in our house; but it was not safe enough. Today Mobili Kit avoids any fall: I feel more serene, and Sylvie enjoys full freedom of movement. She can go everywhere in the house and even go out on the terrace!

After few research online to find the most appropriate solution than a simple walker, I found Benoit Systemes’website and I discovered Mobili Kit. For indoors; it is more suitable than a wheelchair because it is less bulky, especially for the corridors. We are very happy with it !

Véronique &
Emmanuel G.

Users since 2021

We are using it every day

My husband was using a walker, but he had more and more difficulties, so we decided to purchase a Mobili Kit after meeting Robert Benoit. We are using it every day, anywhere in the house because the chair can spin around and pass the doors without having to modify their width. It is very convenient and comforting and it prevents you from falling!

Discover this testimonial :

Chantal D.

User since 2019

Following the fitting of my prosthesis, sometimes I feel tired during the day and I have difficulties to walk. The Mobili Kit has changed my life! I can stay at home, I can do all my daily activities at home, and I’m sparing my shoulders. I can go anywhere even in confined spaces, but above all, I didn’t need to modify anything in my interior layout.

Viviane C.

User since November 2019

I already had a Light Drive fitted on my wheelchair. But it was difficult to move around indoors. I’m lucky enough to have 90 cm wide doors, but my house is not very big. It’s almost impossible to move around between the pieces of furniture and in the corridors with the wheelchair. Benoit Systemes salesman who had sold me the Light Drive, had already told me at that time that Robert Benoit, the founder, was working on a small platform on which one could put a standard seat. Even without seeing it, I already knew that I needed it!
Now that I have it, I got a new lease of life, I can weave in and out anywhere! I have gained a lot of mobility, it’s as maneuverable as can be. Backwards as well as forwards. It spins for U-turn, which makes life much easier in corridors.
This device should be taken care of by the social security and all handicapped person should be equipped with it!

Their lives have improved, why not yours?

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